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Everything I say on Sodahead (or anywhere else for that matter) is a manifestation of the views of yet another human ape who's been hamstrung by limited perceptions, sociocultural biases, etc. As such, the Dennis Miller rule applies: "This is just my opinion. I could be wrong."

I'm never wrong, of course, so I'll appraise the intelligence of all comers on the basis of their concordance with my beliefs, opinions, etc. Agree 100 percent and you're a friggin' genius. Agree 0 percent and you're a moroon. :-)


If you agree with me (rave me) more than twice, I friend you. If I agree with you (rave you) more than twice, I friend you. I will only 'de-friend' someone if s/he resorts to ad hominem attacks. I friend on the basis of points of agreement, but I am MORE inclined to friend someone who rationally/civilly disagrees with me than I am to friend a dittohead. If you do NOT want me to friend you, do not rave me and do not engage me in conversation. If you're already a friend and you haven't the wherewithal to press the X, just resort to name-calling and I'll do the job for you. :-)

Love, peace and biscuits,

. . .And remember, government kills.



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