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I'm an owned slave in the BDSM lifestyle. I've been in the lifestyle for almost five years now, with my lovely Daddy/fiancee. I've been with Him for almost six years now. Hm, i guess you can say, im very shy, but once i warm up to anyone, i can talk and be myself, who is , i would say, outgoing.

With that, ive been getting quite a bit of emails from people who want to find people in the lifestyle and just use me for that information or to find them slaves/subs in the lifestyle. Well, im writing this, im not going to help you, nor will i be used for this... or to be used to figure out what ticks me and why im in it, all to just be snide and rude afterwards.
If you want to find out so badly and want to be in it so badly, google it and figure out on your own. Its what i did, and you can do the same, its not that damn hard to do.

I'd like to meet

new people, and possibly new friends.


Reading,writing,watching movies, hanging/pleasing Daddy and cross stitching.

Favorite Music

Rock mostly.

Favorite TV Shows

Threshold, Dinosaurs, Little Mermaid, bones, fringe, kim possible

Favorite Movies

Fried Green tomatoes, girl with a pearl earring, now and then, historical movies, sci fi, and etc

Favorite Books

Anne Bishop, Black jewel trilogy. Margaret George, Historical/romance

Favorite Quotes

God is an awesome God. :)

Favorite Heroes

God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all the heros i need in my life. :)


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