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p.s. I never claimed perfection and to those who think I am a fraud..hi from the Easter Bunny!!!! ALSO I DO NOT ADD SODAHEADS TO MY PAGE UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN HERE AWHILE. Yes Yes I'd do it over again,(THAT IS I'D ENTER CONVENT)I have been thrice blest !!


Thanks to all who responded to my first poll.Yes, I am a real nun.I taught for almost 40 yrs.I entered the convent at 18 and many yrs later I am still happy that I did.Since most convents are closed due to the low numbers of nuns now. I have a sweet little bungalow that keeps me busy along with my cat companion,Princess.A former student gave me my computer a few years ago(he even pays the monthly bill) I thought I would not like it but I could not live without my computer.I was so heartened by the many positive responses to my nun poll...Thanks and God bless XOXOXOXXO Sister Jean

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guess scarlett and rhett were in it

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That Man is You

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"live and let live"

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