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I like to twirl.......Salutations!

That's my way of stealing from a beloved book a simple yet elegant greeting used by none of than a weird artistic dying spider. Yes! I live in the imaginary world of Humans and dream about one day returning to the 7th planet from the Sun. I was born not long ago, 4577 maglotions ago, which would be 20 something years on Earth. I currently work at selling pieces of my soul to leaches of life. It's a living. It satisfies my addictions to video games and 711. When I'm not making deals with the evil overloards of Mars, you can find me walking my Dayneeyashun. Which looks similar to a canine, or as you call them..puppies. As well, I love to shop at inexpensive stores where one can easily shoplift when the cashier and other store attendants aren't looking. Anything else is a mystery. If you happen to wanna experience more of me, please don't. I cause heartburn and diarrhea. Have some Mylanta tonight. It'll be pleasant.

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  • Sir Anthony Of Camelot
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  • 2012/11/21 23:31:05
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  • 5 feet 8 inches