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Guns - Guns are coooool! I need a new auto-rifle for the Fallen.
Abortion - I support a Woman's right to choose for herself.
Gay Marriage - Yes, no rational sane person would allow themselves to be against it.
Gay Rights - YES! (They deserve the same rights as every other US Citizen NOW)
Kids - For who? Not me..........
Marijuana - No
Politics - Fuck them.
Manners - I have them, shame some act like they do when they actually don't.
Political Correctness - Can't say you have manners when you say you're not PC.
Rap - No
Country - Yes!
Comics - Yes
Tattoos - Yes!
Old Guys who keep coming back after they say they're done - They're pathetic.

And now to you who is reading this:
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Enjoy the poem, not by me. But I really like it.


They live there in their little world, surviving day by day.
Passing by their brothers and sisters, while along their way

Squabbling with one another, in a futile cycle of sin.
Unaware that soon they will be forgotten, a vapor in the wind.

The tiny creatures spend their lives trying to survive and advance,
While superior beings thrive around them, not even giving a glance.

Thinking themselves the only worthy race, they ravage all that stands in their way,
Not realizing that soon, for their actions, they must pay.

Such an ignorant species they are, when will they ever learn?
That their glory days are reaching an end, as the hands of time continue to turn.

I assume that you are looking at these creatures with condescension and disgust,
But what you must realize is that the ants are really us…

I'd like to meet

Anyone who can take a joke and not be offended by the smallest shit. Judge me if you'd like when you get to know me, not for who you think I might be.


Gaming. PSN gamer, if you'd like to add me let me know!
Art - Both for a hobby and work.

Favorite Music


Favorite TV Shows

Modern Family, WWE, Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, American Horror Story, Hoarders, Law And Order, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, And More!

Favorite Quotes

"Living On The Rings Of Saturn."

Favorite Heroes

Tenderheart Bear. I Love that dude.


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