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My name is Shade and I am 15 years old. My birthday is January 1, 1997. I am currently a high school student and have a part time job as a library assistant. I am currently in track and taking honors classes in school. I have a very kind mother, a twin sister, and three (much older) half-sisters.

I'd like to meet

I would like to meet my best friend Kyle. :)
I would also like to meet the rest of my family.


Helping out



Favorite Music

Papa Roach
Lincoln Park
Sick Puppies
Three Days Grace

Favorite TV Shows

Death Note
Soul Eater
Scrapped Princess
Fullmetal alchemist

Favorite Movies

Castle In The Sky: Laputa

Favorite Books

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (The Accidental Hero)
Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation II (The Secret War)
Dream Quest

Favorite Quotes

This is a poem made by "Heat Her" on the Poem Writers of the World group here on sodahead. :

Why is that life may seem so long,
Or is it that the hours of each day passing
are arranged in such a way,
that it feels like an everlasting song.
To the old, life may be dragging on,
as they sit in their houses thinking each day,
Dreams dreamt, hopes forgotten, loves that went astray,
are remembered so well for so long.
I realize now, it's not life long felt
but the experiences one has
and way with experiences ones dealt.
But to life and death many a mind asks why
to be put on this earth for a time long felt
When one day, we'll all have to die.

Quote: Diary of Anne Frank: Anne
"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Favorite Heroes

My mother;
She raised me all on her own while in poverty.
She helped me become the person I am today.
She always put others before herself.
And she is still there for me today.


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