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*Updated* -I wrote this out 6 years ago, so my ideals have changed, with the exception of items below the, "about me" section, I updated them today as well. Please keep that in mind as you're reading on.-

First and foremost, I'd like to say this; if you are dead-set on your ideology, and use that same ideology to infringe on the rights and pursuit of another's happiness or their own ideological expression (so long as it's in fair, and polite context), then I will more than likely despise you, and will have nothing more to do with you.
I am a pre-operational transgendered teenager (Male To Female, or, "MTF"), and I hate the misuse of the words; faggot, trannie, transvestite, there, your, youre, itching, ground, floor, and its (you know who you are >.>). I'm into any kind of gender bending manga/ anime, or anything really relating to the subject ^-^, I'm obviously pro gay everything , and I do mean EVERYTHING (aside from those warped f**ks over at NAMBLA) ^///^ Oh, and I hate the human discrepancies that we all hold, and intolerance brought on by ignorance (and vise versa).

This is my Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/b... ; lately I've been making videos about my drawing, and I've posted some for your enjoyment (y'know, if you'd be so kind <=3 ) :D So check that out if you have the time, please leave some comments either here, on my channel, or with any of my videos :3

I'd like to meet

Shimura Takako, Bill Kaulitz, Lee Newton, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and numerous fictitious characters.


I have a passion for drawing, and hope to someday make a career out of it.

My other interests include: LGBTQIA activism (generally on a local scale, or on the internet), playing video games, watching Youtube (SeaNanners, RPGMinx, Stamper, GameGrumps, etc.), reading manga, watching anime/ TV shows that people keep pestering me to watch, playing Magic The Gathering, and doing any of the above through all hours of the night.

Favorite Music

Daughtry, Aqua Timez, Tokio Hotel, Paramore, All American Rejects, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, and a vast array of individual songs that would take too long to list.
I also enjoy classical music, and both American and Irish folk music.

Favorite TV Shows

Here's just a few:
Dr. Who, Deathnote, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sword Art Online, Hourou Musuko, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the original anime release (yes I know FMA:B was the original story), Supernatural, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Avatar: The Legend of Korra (my favorite of the two, and an awesome series in general).

Favorite Movies

I can never pick just one or two...

Dracula Untold, Big Hero Six, Robin Hood (the animated one from WAY back when), Halloween, Bleach Memories of Nobody, any LOTR or Hobbit movies, any Harry Potter movie, and finally (and with a twinge of shame); God Bless America.

Actually, I do have a favorite, it's called, "Rubber". It's on Netflix.

Favorite Books

Hourou Musuko, the Harry Potter series, Hana Kimi, Bokura no Hentai, Boku Girl (guilty pleasure), Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, and Dr. Who: The Coming of The Terraphiles.

Favorite Quotes

"Suicide is a permanent, long-term, answer, to a short-term problem."
~ Phillip Defranco


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  • gkirmani 2013/02/23 19:37:39
    u r welcome O leo boss-lady
  • Gavin 2012/07/04 08:23:36
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/05/14 04:36:40
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    Good girl!
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/05/09 13:24:24 (edited)
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    You look pretty in pink. :) Happy Wednesday.
  • Dax 2011/11/16 04:32:04
    Well, I hope it works out for you.
  • Dax 2011/11/14 14:40:44
    it says that right on the top of your profile here! lol
  • Dax 2011/11/04 19:58:03
    Hi there, I know I don't know you, but as a trans and LGBT advocate, I just wanted to say I wish you all the best with starting hormone therapy. :) It'll make your life that much more amazing, I'm sure!
    peace sign
  • Drive Me Nervous 2011/11/04 19:46:51
    Drive Me Nervous
    i see and i am sorry for the ignorant people and i do wish you all the best
  • Drive Me Nervous 2011/11/01 19:26:58
    Drive Me Nervous
    that good and good for you :) also do you get alot of hateful words from people who oppose what you belive and do
  • Drive Me Nervous 2011/10/31 17:38:38
    Drive Me Nervous
    are you nervouse or have second thoughts about the sugery
  • Drive Me Nervous 2011/10/26 20:01:37
    Drive Me Nervous
    ..i have a few questions if you dont mind me asking
  • MLor 2011/08/25 19:09:59
    Well your icon is....:-) Like your drawings to, nice talent you have goin' there.
  • MLor 2011/08/25 03:37:32
    Thanks for accepting; I think you're beautiful!
  • Buddy 2011/08/23 21:19:39
  • Nimara 2011/07/20 22:37:34
    lmao thanks...
  • Nimara 2011/07/18 04:41:55
    ah, so you've been busy...cool. It's ok, too.
    Yes, if you were to ask about the meds it would lead us to the previous convo. I don't want to talk about the meds anymore. lol

    I actually prefer kittens over all animals...lmao. But, thanks for the pic.
    take care.
  • Nimara 2011/07/16 04:28:58
    Sorry, it took me forever to reply. I actually forgot what we were talking about. I started this medicine called Zoloft for depression/anxiety...and so on so forth. I hope things are going well with you and things like that.
  • Nimara 2011/07/01 20:26:36
    If I was going to college, I'd be going there for Criminology/Criminal justice. However, I'd probably just do general education before that.

    Anyways, I too am going through mental and spiritual stuff. I was going to counseling, but that was disrupted. Now, I'm not sure what to do because of my insurance stuff. I, also, need a job. I need to get started on some meds for anxiety and depression soon. I don't believe that reading some bible is going to do anything. I am seeing a pastor right now, and it's not really...it's a bit frustrating.

    Wow, I hope you get better. Take care, and talk to you later.
  • Nimara 2011/06/28 00:55:36
    I'm not going to college right now.

    I can't remember...what's going on with your life?
  • Nimara 2011/06/21 18:18:57
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