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Mother of two daughters and 4 sons first and foremost. Registered Nurse, hold phd in forensic nursing. Criminal profiling, lecturing on forensics, work with law enforcement.
Legally deaf, discriminate against no one, and do not tolerate rudeness and disrespect. I will treat you just like you treat me.

I'd like to meet

John Wayne... of course that would have been before he died.


Piano, research, Soda Head


My children, the Piano, learning

Favorite TV Shows

American Dad, King of the Hill, Spongebob, and most educational shows

Favorite Movies

Golitath (an independent Zellner Brothers production), Pineapple express, Gran Tornino, Mr. Bean's European Holiday, and almost forgot. Mega Mind

Favorite Quotes

"Life is Tough. It is tougher when you're stupid' By John Wayne "the Duke""


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