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Must stop listening to Ed Sheeran.
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About Me

(formally known as Rain(Teddy) please feel free to still call me Rain :-) )

No longer a teen, those years are not so far behind me now. Still trying to figure out life and what it has to offer. I hope to one day own a pet friendly bookstore and be a writer but until that day comes I'm just living life as best I can. Nothing's tieing me down right now and the most imporant things are my bunny, my family and friends and school of course. I'm also a little over half way done with my first novel.
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I'd like to meet

Evan Peters, I want to give him a hug and tell him he's a fantastic actor. Hum A real life werewolf, I'd love to interview one (lol). Hum I'd like to meet Teddy Geiger again and Gavin DeGraw. They're great singers and seem like awesome people.

love guiatrs guess jbs lastly john mayer love guy talented


I've been trying to get more active lately so I've been jogging and bowling, and playing games on my wii. when my bike gets fixed I'll be hitting the road and saving myself a few bucks for train and bus fare and as soon as the weather gets good again I'll be hitting the pool unless I can find some indoor ones around here. I'm also trying to take up ice skating and skateboarding. I also fish some but only with intent to eat the little monster.


music, writing, poetry, stories, animals, my friends always interest me as well as Teddy Geiger he interests me very much, he one of the few singers out that's still on the straight and narrow (that we know of anyway) ;) heh anyway, I'm a roller coaster buff the faster, and higher the better (which is ironic if you consider the fact that I'm
afraid of heights), i love wolves, and often remake some of the music vids we see on t.v. to fiit how i'd see them in my head or every so often on paper. Fresh fallen snow, snow storms in general, thunderstorms and walking through a park or forest right after a storm. I love the smell, full moons and Eclipses, casual, long walks to nowhere around the city finding places you would only know of if you really lived here.

Favorite Music

pop, rock, adult alt, and alt, and R&B; is what you'll find me listening to most days: umm 30 seconds to mars, Teddy Geiger, James Morrison,and Ne-yo are some of what you'll find amongst my
vast collection of cds. Music's my life right now and as such my cds are forever growing. evertime there's a conert with a singer i like in it I make sure i have cash for it.

Favorite TV Shows

American Horror Story, Switched at birth, Teen Wolf, um Destination truth, Monster quest, Being Human, some Degrassi, I guess thats it, yeah im not to into tv
destination truth monster quest scare tactics degrassi guess yeah tv

Favorite Movies

The Rocker, Keith, Kick Ass, all three final destinations, underworld, Handcock that was funny, theres more but i cant remember them right now. I like horror, chick-flicks, action comedies and mucily themed movies

Favorite Books

Everlost, Vampire Academy series, tantalize, The Sight, down these mean streets, white fang, Twilight (the series), Shiver trilogy. umm again there are more but i dont have them all with me

Favorite Quotes

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Favorite Heroes

In search of a new hero


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