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About Me

Im into everything, too easy but full on, so pick and mix

I'd like to meet

Jesus, Another guy, Connections all over the world is what I need, Tupac I definitely need, someone like DRE to help me get massive right now, Eminem would be fun if I can get him to lighten up, Id bring Jesus back over and document his life, while working with Trailer Park Boys, Theres a really famous photographer I gotta find a way to get down too. Look for me even though you cant see me

Charlie Sheen, Bob Marley and Good.


Being invisible


Just about everything, I enjoy music all the time, I love sports playing and watching, I love managing and promoting, its my job in life and because I rule the dance floor I rule the people, but they really rule

Favorite Music

Everything, you name it, I know it better than you, unless you have your own mind made up.

Favorite TV Shows

Two and a Half Men (I know) but im looking forward to Charlie Sheens new show "Anger Management" cause its basically just the uncesored version of him that was in Two and a Half Men, thats someone I wanna meet actually Charlie, named a dog after him.

Trailer Park Boys, might try and get them back myself, they love this place.

Big bang because

And a whole bunch of other funny things like South Park, Family Guy (even though it got sooo boring) and the occasional heavy show like Rome or Empire Boardwalk, Stargate was cool, Jesus was cooler, they should make a movie about him.

Favorite Movies

Jesus Christ "Superstar"

Wont start on movies, I just seen Prometheus though, reaaal cool. People there I thought not so much, until Jesus walked in and everyone applauded him and then someone threw an Alien toy his way ha.

Favorite Books

The Alchemist, simple, it got me where I am. i skipped all the other books and wrote my own,

I hate, and hate, and think of the Bible as a second class book, 2000 years old? Ha we still watching black and white TV? We still fight with swords and bows? Do we still hate our women and gay men???

Favorite Quotes

"Fuck you" Jesus said to the brick he had stubbed his toe on.

But he forgave it, and then himself.

Favorite Heroes

Fuck me, and me


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