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I am:
- a "boring f * * cunt"
- a hybristophile
- kleptomaniac
- pogonophile
- compassionate, against unnecessary violence, against speciesism, against cruelty to animals aka VEGAN
- a closet-nudist
- bi-asexual (I'm attracted to both sexes in a non-sexual way)
- antinatalist
boring cunt hybristophile kleptomaniac pogonophile vegan closet-nudist bi-asexual

I'd like to meet

They're all dead.


Anything about WWI, WWII, mass murderers or serial killers fascinates me. I'm really interested in psychology, astral projection, lucid dreaming, nature, space, and animal rights.

Favorite Music

I'll listen to almost anything from any time period or any genre.
Right now I like this song for example: Cuntcrusher by Infant Annihilator

Favorite Movies

Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, Ghost World, Buffalo 66, How To Be A Serial Killer, Dancer in the Dark, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Ginger Snaps, Rubin and Ed, The Addams Family, Lord of the Rings, American History X, Star Wars, Necromentia, Hellraiser, In the Loop, Martyrs, ...

Favorite Quotes

"Welcome to the worst nightmare of all... reality" -- Hellraiser

"I never hit her. I killed her, but I never hit her" -- Ed Kemper

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." -- Peter O’Toole

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  • No
  • Christian
  • No thank you
  • White/Caucasian
  • Slim/Slender
  • 4 feet 11 inches


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