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Hi my Name is Jarod Kochman, i was born on January 20, 1940. in Paterson NJ i grew up in 'Ridgewood NJ' and My family is Jewish but i'm a christian, my dad was named Jim. (1915-1995) and my mom was named Betty (1920-2007) My older brother's name is Chris, (Born 1938) My sister's name is Maya, (Born 1958) my son's name is Jarod Jr. (born 1970)
my grandson's name is Jarod III, (Born 1997) my Granddaughter's name is Linda, (Born 1995)
and i have another Granddaughter Named Ashley, (Born 2010) and my Wife's name is Annie,
She was born on April 18th 1942, we met in High School in 1958 and got married in 1966 we had one son and two daughter's are first daughter was Karen, (Born May 3rd 1968)
are First son was Jarod Jr. (Born January 17th 1970)
and are second daugther was Kyle, (Born August 7th 1980)
I lived in Ridgewood NJ From (1940-1967) i was born with red hair but i dyed it gray from
(January 1986 - December 2005) i'm red haired again Maybe in 2016 or 17 i will be skinny again like i was in 1962 and also my favorite color is blue. and My sister in laws name is Jackie, She is the wife of my older brother Chris, She was born on (July 23rd 1943) They met in High School, in 1961 and got married in 1968 They got married two years after me and annie were married, I just lost a little bit of wreight, but i will take a while for me to get skinny agian. oh, and my daughter Kyle has a daughter named maggie,
My Granddaughter Maggie was born on (May 5th 2005) in NYC.

I'd like to meet


and also my great grandmother, when i get to heaven.


walking my dog, going out to diner with my wife, and visiting my great great grandmothers grave,


Losing wreight

Favorite Music

Jazz, Adele, 1910's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's,1970's, and 1980's.

Favorite TV Shows

I don't have one

Favorite Movies

The Parent Trap (1998)

Batman Returns (1992)

Favorite Books

The Jungle Book - By Rudyard Kippling

Favorite Quotes

"He Can Turn Gravity into Gravy" - Fairly Odd Parents

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, thats why it is called the present"

Favorite Heroes



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