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About Me

Scottish and living in Scotland. I have no desire to move anywhere else(although I might be persuaded).

I'd like to meet

A gorgeous natural woman.


Work, rest and play!


collecting things old, reading and writing, music many genres

Favorite Music

I have no particular overall favourite genres though I will say Country and Rock music top the bill.

Favorite TV Shows

No favourite tv programmes either. Though history, style and and natural world are of huge interest to me.

Favorite Movies

Soldier Blue, that was the last movie I went to watch in the cinema when It was first released.

Favorite Books

I enjoy non fiction reading.

Favorite Quotes

No matter how high you you climb lifes social ladder. Your kness will never seem to get any further of the ground.

Favorite Heroes

The Jewish people especially those living in Israel.


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  • Joe61 2014/10/12 08:43:22
  • princess 2014/10/11 23:54:51
  • Hey ⚢ 2014/09/30 15:10:59
    Hey ⚢
    Thanks for the add!
  • princess 2014/09/19 08:05:27
  • Jana ♥ ♥ ♥ 2014/09/19 03:12:46
    Jana ♥ ♥ ♥
    Soldier Blue was one of my favorite movies too. Still listen to the song from the movie..
  • Cat 2014/09/10 13:48:00
  • Dee 2014/09/06 14:56:51
  • Hope 2014/09/05 22:07:29
    thank you
    Thank you for the raves!
  • Lady In Red 2014/08/17 19:19:42
  • MO.gal 2014/07/31 03:38:11
    Just dropping by to say hello to my friend.
    wonderful day my friend
  • Joe61 2014/07/21 20:22:37
    Tis a pleasure My Dear Lady!
  • Erica. Just Erica. 2014/07/21 20:07:57 (edited)
    Erica. Just Erica.
    Thank You For Being My New Friend!! Big Hugs,Erica XXX Big Hugs XXX Big Hugs XXX
  • Joe61 2014/07/18 14:19:01
    Everything is fine here mate....Your full of the joys of spring ain't you lol.
  • RezcrashGB 2014/07/18 14:14:50
    Hope all is fine with you Joe'
    Just been keeping my eyes on the Gonv't debt , how it may effect a saver
    and his savings .. also pension savings . Just waiting to see if they use inflation
    to erode the biggest debt since the 50s ... anyway "Joe" things can't get any worst .
  • David 2014/07/03 19:38:55
    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for accepting my friend request:)

  • Joe61 2014/06/28 13:10:44
    And you to Mo...
  • MO.gal 2014/06/28 02:23:28
  • Joe61 2014/06/20 21:47:23
    What lovely sentiment.....you have certainly crossed my mind today.

    When a feller hasn't got a cent
    And is feelin' kind of blue,
    And the clouds hang thick and dark
    And won't let the sunshine thro',
    It's a great thing, oh my brethren,
    For a feller just to lay
    His hand upon your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.

    It makes a man feel queerish,
    It makes the tear-drops start.
    And you kind o' feel a flutter
    In the region of your heart.
    You can't look up and meet his eye,
    You don't know what to say
    When a hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.

    Oh, this world's a curious compound
    With its honey and its gall;
    Its cares and bitter crosses,
    But a good world after all.
    And a good God must have made it,
    Leastwise that is what I say,
    When a hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way.
  • MO.gal 2014/06/19 03:11:41
    Hello my friend......have a beautiful day!
    my friend
  • Joe61 2014/05/10 17:25:45 (edited)
    Actually Sid, It is a McDuff Hunting Kilt and maroon Jacket with full shoulder plaid Heart Of Midlothian Tartan
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