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  • Adi 2014/09/03 13:33:49
    It's Wednesday :-)
    Sending you lots of ((hugs))

    gif hugs
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/08/11 16:16:47
    SORRY ...do not know why the picture went sideways it has never done that before?????
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/08/11 16:14:26
    HELLO DARLING ...and yes it is HOT were we are also dang is right lol lol I have been not on here much. I have had grandkids a lot this summer and making my jewelry so I have been busy !! WHEW !! lol I wish you well and here is one of my new ones I wanted to show you that I had made .... my new i made

    have a blessed week
  • Adi 2014/08/10 15:07:44
    Jezey....have a great Sunday:-)

    animated have a bless Sunday
    animated relax it s sunday
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/08/10 14:28:57
    HELLOOOOOOOOOOO my dear and I wish you a blessed Sunday and a very good week full of blessings . Ken and I are doing we as well as the family are also PRAISE God. Take care .
  • Margaret 2014/08/02 14:42:59
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2014/07/09 19:17:47
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
       summon the reaper

    Time is of little importance in friendship but your own personal time is precious Jezey
    you're welcome babe *smiling*.......your friend Serenity
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2014/07/09 04:54:33
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    LOL...So good to see you back on my sister friend!
    I understand and I do the same sometimes but not as
    long as you! Thank you...I am humbled & honored
    to be your friend and truly blessed that you are mine!♥
    Love, Peace, Blessings & {{{{HUGS}}}} my Sister!
  • keeper 2014/07/03 23:11:34
  • Adi 2014/07/02 19:08:43
    Wishing you a safe and Happy 4th of July - sending you mega hugs Jezey :-)

    animated july 4th

  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2014/06/28 00:21:17
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Love ya my sister! ;) Blessings & {{{{HUGS}}}}
    goth sisters hugs
  • Pirate PJ 2014/06/13 16:48:30
    Pirate PJ
    Have a great weekend my friend (((hugs)))

    and have fun!!!
  • keeper 2014/06/05 18:56:30
  • Dwight PWCM 2014/05/18 00:55:39
    Dwight PWCM
    Thank you for adding me, Jezey. Looking forward to working together.

  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2014/05/09 19:46:43
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    gothic prayer  gif

    thank you Jezey x you have a beautiful weekend x Serenity
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2014/04/27 13:37:07
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    your home page is stunning , every graphic I love and some I've never seen summon the reaper

    have a beautiful day Jezey x Serenity
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/04/21 23:37:44
    Aww thank you soo much Jezey.....I love you so much too my wonderful SISTER ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE YOU SIS
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2014/04/21 15:10:57
    HELLO ...my sweet SIS I have been so busy not on here to much ! Yes we had a wonderful blessed Easter with the family and we are all going well thank you. .........I will not be on here for a week for it is our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow for Ken and I . We are going some were for it ..going to Fredericksburg ,Tx. at a B&B; we have a little cabin all to our self will be there for 3 days come home Friday . I your Easter was a blessed one for you also. Take care dear and love you lots !! you are my sweet  sister you are my sweet  sister you are my sweet  sister
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2014/04/20 07:28:22
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Hope you and yours have a Blessed Easter my beautiful Sister! love ya♥{{{{HUGS}}}}
    easter angel gif easter angel gif
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