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Look, I'm me. I've been through quite a lot, but I won't complain about it unless I can trust you 100%. I don't start anything, so don't start anything with me unless it's a nice conversation. I'm 14, turning 15 on October 1st. I love my friends, and I know my life would suck without them. I can be REALLY LOUD sometimes, and like, uber random:3
I'm bi. Don't hate, don't complain, and don't start making homophobic remarks to me or about me, because it won't be pretty.
So, if you want to talk, then message me, comment on my page, add me, anything:)

I'd like to meet

Rachael-My Wifey<3 I love her soooooooo much! She's my best friend, and really, who DOESN'T love her? She's short, sweet, loud, a ginger, my best friend, so much like me, except, like, a LOT shorter x) We have INSANE conversations, and I miss her sooooooo MUCH!! I can't wait until this summer, cause then I get to see her again, AND I get to have a party with all my friends<3 PERFECTION!!!! :D Love you Wifey<3

Ian- Mehhhhh! <3 I love this kid. Hehe, even though he's older than me by like, I don't know, a few months, and he's so much more mature than me, I still call him kid. Not to his face, because I don't want to offend him in anyway. But, this guy is so funny, it's unbelievable! <3 And, he's really sweet, and one of the nicest guys I know. I love him, you guys, but mostly as a brother. :3 His has to be long(heh heh xD) So I'm going to continue writing because I'm a ho. Not, not really, so shut up you douche-canoes. Ian, I love you<3 And, one day, I'm going to find you, and throw bananas at you. But you'll still love me, because I'm like, your marshmallow, and you love marshmallows, so...ANYWAY! I love you bro. With all my coconut! err...I mean heart xD

Sabrina- Merp! <3 My sister from another mister:3 She's my twinnie, and somehow my girlfriend-grandfather-sister xD Inside joke, calm your tits. I really wanna meet her, so freaking bad! <3 We're both insanely in love with Steven Tyler, but that's her hubby, so I'm staying away from him:P I love this girl, so much you guys wouldn't BELIEVE!!! If I met her, I could/would die happy<3 Me and her are gonna write books and send them to each other<3 I haven't started mine yet. (I just heard Snape's disappointed voice in my head! D: It was not a good sound!)

Dory- My pookie<3 I love this chick! She's totally cool, and mega funny! When we're on the phone, we laugh the whole time. We dated for like, 4 months, and now we're still really good friends<3 Words can't describe this girl. She's like, amazing! And, pretty freaking swexy too ;) I LOVE YOU DORY-POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... <3

Matt- This guy<3 He's wonderful, and he's like, one of my closest friends. He's funny, sometimes mean, makes me laugh, always being weird, he's one of the biggest nerds I know, and by that I mean, plays weird nerd games like D&D.; Him and Dylan are like, sweet(to me) and funny as all hell. He plays saxophone, and I seriously think guys that play saxophone are pretty hot....JUS SAYING.

Kairon- He's my socially awkward pal:3 He's a socially awkward panda, and I'm a socially awkward Porcupine:3 I enjoy talking to him:3 He's funny and just like, pure awesomeness! :D Um, Rawr:3



Talking to my lovely best friends:D

Walking to the park c:
*Gotta Stay FIT!*

Saying Rawr like a dinosaur c:

Adding examples to my activities
*Like All Of The Above c;*


Well, nothing really, unless it's talking to my friends and stuff c:

Oh, and reading ^_^

And writing....

And listening to Music c:

Favorite Music

Anything But Country c:

Favorite TV Shows


Shake It Up c:


Adventure Time

Regular Show

Favorite Movies


Clockwork Orange

Jane Eyre

X-Men: First Class

The Eagle


Man On A Ledge

Honestly, Any Movie With Jamie Bell...Unless He Dies...

Favorite Books

Clockwork Three

Jane Eyre

The Percy Jackson Series

The Hunger Games

Chronicals Of Narnia c:

Favorite Quotes

"If You Look Around, And You Can't Find The Weakest Link, Then You're It."

"You Hairy Leg, Wolf-Ass Bitch!"

"I Shanked My Lover Cause I'm Sexy Like That."

"She Loved You; Why Did You Leave?"

"Your Gaze Is Very Direct, Miss Eyre. Do You Think Me Handsome?" <- Yes c;

shanked lover sexy loved leave gaze direct eyre handsome lt-

"My Name Is On A Shoe?! I'm Like, The Pope Now." -Caitie-Bear:D

Favorite Heroes

Batman. For Reals.


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