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It is still not my President!!!!!!
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About Me

Basic mountain man and survivalist that enjoys the outdoors more than I should. NOW SINGLE PATRIOT LADIES! >:)

mountain survivalist enjoys outdoors grow medical marijuana wife ms

mountain survivalist enjoys outdoors grow medical marijuana wife ms

I'd like to meet

Need to find a camp cook to go hunting with.
ol' time mountain men,


Too many to list


Archery, hunting, fishing, camping, my kids, gardening, canning,cooking, ..., The "S" word,...

Favorite Music

Classic Rock, old and new country, pan flutes, Celtic, native drums

Favorite TV Shows

We don't have TV

Favorite Movies

The Mountain Men-Charlton Heston and Brian Keith, Last of the Mohicans, Dances with wolves, and some I won't mention. >:)

Favorite Books

LOTR, Tom Clancy, Louis L'amor, Micheal Moorecock, Anne McAffery, Clan of the Cave Bear, 1984, ...

Favorite Quotes

All from the Founding Fathers

Favorite Heroes

John Wayne, Dad, Grandfather, Founding Fathers and all who have given their lives for our great nation and those who have served with honour,


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