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About Me

I have long ash blonde hair, light brown eyes, they change colour when I am crying and sick. I am very sporty and fun to be with. Istick up for my friends, younger people and others. I am just a realzing person. Just the kind of person you want to be hanging aroud with. :)

I'd like to meet

A lot of other people, make new friends too.


Swimming, reading and getting fit, hanging out, you name it anything.


Dont have any, I just make them up as I go.

Favorite Music

Anything and everything

Favorite TV Shows

Hystory, even though this is a kids show I still love them 'Timmy time and Sean the sheep' everyone has to have that one childhood T.V show they still watch.

Favorite Movies

Ummm............................ I guess I will have to pick 'the ring' and all horros. love them :) OMG and Titanic, favourite movie of ALLLLLLLLLLLLL times 8-)

Favorite Books

Well might be weird but I love the murders and mystery ones and expecially vampries too

Favorite Quotes

'to be or not to be'

Favorite Heroes

Cat woman and superman though I dont think cat woman is a hero, is she?


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  • Blondy
  • Australia
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  • April 20
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  • Christian
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  • Athletic
  • 5 feet 6 inches