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Okay so I've been on this sight since around June 2008 (woow) WHEN I WAS IN THE 5TH/6TH GRADE >< I will not be held responsible for what I said 6 years ago...

Besides that, I'm a little socially inept when it comes to talking to new people, so please don't be offended if you try to talk to me and I take a while to reply, it is most likely because I don't know what to say ._.

I'd like to meet

-Time to Fangirl-
I would love to meet;
-Any Exo/Big Bang/Super Junior/Got7/Morning Musume/B.A.P member
- Amber J. Liu
- Jennifer Lawrence
- John Green
- Hank Green
- Anyone who has every been in a LoTR or Hobbit movie
- A minion
- Mabel Pines
-Hanyu Yuzuru
He's just so adorable
Hanyu Yuzuru photo hanyu_zps41db37a8.gif
and damn he can figure skate o.o
Hanyu Yuzuru photo Hanyu2_zps566782f5.gif


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I'm a huge band nerd. I do marching band, indoor percussion, play in my school's wind ensemble, and watch DCI/WGI shows religiously (/^▽^)/ I competed in a WGI competition for percussion for the first time in 2013 and my group took 2nd ^^ When I'm not doing this, I like to fangirl over Asian boys, obsessively watch Lord of the Rings, abuse my Tumblr privilege, *attempt* to pass my AP courses, and go running ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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[✔ ] 13.1 mi
[ ] 26.2 mi (This might take a while...)


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Can I make a list? I like lists. I'm making a list.
Marching Band
Hanyu Yuzuru (I'm a fan, I can't help it >< )
Bubble tea

Favorite Music

exo ot12 photo: OT12 tumblr_lylk5ycc2Q1qaauizo1_500kyeoptae.gif
If you couldn't have guess by now, I'm a Kpop (Korean pop) and Jpop (Japanese pop) fan.
My favorite Kpop artists are;
-Exo (sooo perfectヽ(;^o^ヽ) )
-Super Junior
-Big Bang
-Akdong Musician
morning musume photo: Morning Musume MMavatargif.gif
Japanese artists;
-Morning Musume
-Nana Mizuki
- Antic Cafe
-Nana Kitade
-Kanon Wakeshima
minutes to midnight photo: Minutes to Midnight Minutes-To-Midnight.png
But I listen to music in English too;
-Demi Lovato
-Linkin Park
-My Chemical Romance
-3 Days Grace
-One Direction (no, I'm not a Directioner, but I do love a few of their songs)
-The Used
-One Republic
-Kelly Clarkson
-Hollywood Undead
-Skylar Grey

Favorite TV Shows

I don't watch a lot of tv because I don't have a lot of time for that but when I do I watch;
Spongebob :D
Gravity Falls
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Family Guy
Running Man
How I Met Your Mother
Weekly Idol
CSI (Las Vegas)

I (try to) watch anime
-Death Note
-Shugo Chara (just... no)
-Vampire Knight
-Rosario Vampire
-Mamotte Lollipop
-Kororu no Basket
-I know there's more but it's 11:20 and I'm tired

Favorite Movies

lord of the rings gif photo: LOTR gif 1ring2.gif
LORD OF THE RINGS. asdfghjkl;'~~~~~~~~~
Also the Hobbit movies, Despicable Me, Frozen....

I like a lot of Disney movies, I prefer cartoons over dramas.

Favorite Books

-Everything ever written by Lauren Myracle or John Green
-Hunger Games series
-(you guessed it) The Lord of the Rings novels
-Night (so many tears)
-All Quiet on the Western Front
-Lord of the Flies
-Julius Caesar
-Brave New World
-Perfect Chemistry

Favorite Quotes

"Yehet"-Oh Sehun
"Being the same until the end, is that really better?" and “Even though the language is different, the music is the same” -Kim Jongdae
"I’d have no regrets dying on stage." -Kim Jongin
"It's not cool to make a hurtful comment about someone just because they don't reach your own standards" -Amber Liu
"No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like and idiot" -Park Chaneyol


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