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Introducing, Pollware.

SodaHead's premium polling technology delivers an
instant revenue stream... and, it's free to use.

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How do you get people to notice ads more?

Questions are the answer!
Fresh, relevant polls increase adjacent ad performance by nearly 400%.

What is Pollware?

Publishers: Monetize and engage your audiences with ad-supported polling. Add custom polls to your website in a snap. Then leave the rest to SodaHead. Our team will write fresh polls specifically for your audience and maximize advertising revenue on your behalf. You only have to decide how to spend your extra income.

Advertisers: Promote your brands with Pollware's proprietary and proven ad platform. Achieve nearly 100% Viewability rates and higher click-through rates using standard IAB units. Reach our premium inventory with a direct or programmatic deal. See how questions are the answer to brand performance.


The most advanced polling technology,
for free... and, can make you money now.

Free Set-Up + Make Money

Control money earned
by adding impressions

Easy Implementation

Drop a few lines of code
to a page or ad server

Create Polls

Easily create polls with SodaHead's
poll management system

Partner Polls

Allow SodaHead to
provide "poll of the day"


Robust polling as "in-page"
or "fly over" unit

Collect Demographics

Collect valuable 1st party
demographic data


Easily track your poll
results and revenue


SodaHead's support team is
here to help and easy to reach


Choose between an "in-page" or "fly over" unit to drive up revenue, by dropping in a few lines
of code to page or ad server. User SodaHead's publisher network; your ads or no ads at all.

Pollware 300x250

Ad Supported: Earn Revenue

300x250 MedRec Rail
Pre Vote

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Pollware 300x250

Free: Ad Supported

728x90 Leaderboard Footer
Post Vote

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Free: Ad Supported

320x50 Footer


Earn Money: Ad Supported

300x250 MedRec Flyout
Pre Vote

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Earn Money: Ad Supported

300x250 MedRec Flyout
Post Vote

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Earn Money: Ad Supported

300x250 MedRec In-Page

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Small Usage Fee: No Ads

$0.75 per thousand poll widget
impression Post Vote

Custom Integration

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Partner Polls

Too busy to write your own polls? No problem. SodaHead will manage the entire editorial process for you.
We'll publish relevant polls professionally written by our editorial team or from one of our preferred media partners.

Los Angeles times
Will you try to watch the U.S. Open this weekend?
Warner Brothers
Which action star looks the best in a bathing suit?
Fox News
Is it Time for U.S. to Take Action in Syria?

Create Polls

Pollware includes a poll publishing system and
editorial interface to easily create your own polls.

1.Write Polls 2.Get Votes 3.Collect Demographics 4.Make money


Your logo here.

Fresh Polls

Create unlimited polls.

Sitewide Publishing

Publish to select
pages of your site.

User Management

Unlimited, free
additional seat licenses.

Search Polls

Search, sort and
filter polls.

Real-Times Results

Instant results displayed
as users vote.

Go Mobile

Mobile firendly interface.


Quick access revenue reports via the poll publishing system.

Allow SodaHead to serve ads using its publisher network for high payouts and quick payment terms. This requires no additional coding or ad trafficiking - simply sign-up, add the code to your page and start making money on your traffic

Higher Payouts

The positioning and combination of ad units with the polling creates "eye-level engagement" to benefit advertisers and publishers. This allow SodaHead to fill nearly 100% of the inventory with high-paying ad inventory

if you prefer, you can serve your ads for a serving fee of $0.75 CPM.

Quick Net 30

SodaHead pays you fast! You can expect payment 30 days after the close of each month. Sign up to receive payments by check or Paypal.

Ad Creative Specifications

Desktop Sizes & Max File Sizes:

  • 300×250 IAB Medium Rectangle desktop – (max 40K)
  • 728×90 IAB Leaderboard – (max 40K)
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Accepted Mobile Sizes & Max File Sizes:

  • 300×250 IAB Smartphone Rich Interstitial – (max 35K)
  • 320×100 Smartphone – (max 35K)
  • 320×50 IAB Smartphone Rich Wide Banner – (max 35K)
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Formats

  • JPEG, GIF, iFrames, Flash, DHTML, Javascript, Bluestreak
  • Auto-initiated In-banner Video
  • User-initiated Audio
  • Targeting and Frequency Caps

  • Geotargeting
  • Day Part
  • Platform/Device
  • Frequency Caps per lifetime, week, day, hour, minute
  • Category, RON (Run of Network), Site Targeting
  • Third-Party serving is accepted.


    To get started, enquire or feedback - get in touch with us and we'll get back to you.